Enjoy a session of festive crafting with our christmas delights box.

The box contains all the materials you need to create 5 makes, including a snowy skyscape lanterns, a rolled bees' wax candle, a leather bauble, a bead-snowman keyring and a robbin gift box 

Make at home Christmas Delights box

  • Your box will contain

    • 1x snowy skyscape jar kit, including led light, jar, pre-cut silhouettes and more
    • 1 x rolled bees' wax candle, including wax sheet, wick, wooden charm and twine
    • 1x bead-snowman keyring kit, including beads, thread, ribbon and keyring
    • 1x leather bauble kit, including leather strips, beads, tassel and ribbon 1x robin gift box kit, including card, templates and feathers.
    • 1 x robin gift box kit, including paper, feathers and pompoms 
    • Instruction for all the crafts 
  • So you can get prepared here is the extra equipment you will need 

    • Scissors
    • A black permenant marker pen 
    • A pencil 
    • A paint brush    
    • Protection for your working area
    • Felt tip pens 
    • A ruler